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Annual Reports

The Annual Report presents an overview of the projects carried out during a particular year and the financial report for that year. It is available in French, English and German. 

Advocacy reports

The FAAI helps its partners draft reports and participate in international human rights mechanisms, notably the Universal Periodic Review, the Committee on the Rights of the Child and other regional mechanisms. 

Overview of our activities in 2022

The year 2022 was marked by security and political crises in many of the countries where we operate. 

  • Thanks to the efforts of our partners and our teams, we were able to stay the course and help alleviate the multiple situations of vulnerability faced by young people and families. 
  • We continued to support our partners in their advocacy and awareness-raising activities with local, family-focused and international organizations. 

We are convinced that it is only through information and awareness-raising that the voices of the most vulnerable will be heard and their rights respected.

Annual report 2022

Children taking part in recreational activities run by NRJ Centre, Madagascar ©Centre NRJ

Child protection

Together with our partners, we care for children in highly vulnerable situations and support them in integrating sustainably into their families, society and the workplace.

"The staff here support us and guide us in our behaviour. I feel protected here.” Young person, Madagascar  

2022 in numbers


children cared for in  Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo


young people supported in Douala, Cameroon


young people supported in Cusco, Peru

Training of trainers, Tangier, Morocco ©Apprentis d’Auteuil

Integration and entrepreneurship

The Foundation works with its partners to improve young people’s access to decent jobs and strengthen the capacities of the organizations that support them.

Our goal is to enable the young people to achieve economic and personal independence. 

“The Nyalla Arts and Styles Centre is a wonderful school where we learn to integrate socially and start our own businesses so that we can be independent and take care of ourselves in the future.” Second-year apprentice

2022 in numbers


of young women who benefited from our project in Bamako have found work


young people attended our business workshops in Morocco 


young women accommodated and trained through our project in Douala, Cameroon

Parent-child mealtime, Family House, Women’s Resource Center, Cambodia ©Aforativemedia2022

Family and parenting support

The third pillar of our work involves acting preventively within families. These projects seek to pre-empt young people from ending up on the street, cut off from their families. Together with our partners in five countries, we have developed an innovative intervention model: “Family Houses”. These facilities aim to forge social bonds, empower parents and enhance their educational practices.

“It gave me awareness and helped me find solutions. Coming to the Family House has brought positive changes in my life. My family and I feel better now.” Parent attending the Family House in the Philippines

Our objectives until 2024


families, including 1,000 children, supported in the Philippines


families, including 420 children, supported in Burkina Faso


families, including 270 children, supported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

International advocacy


We support our local partners in advocating with national and international decision-makers to obtain tangible and sustainable change in public policies benefiting vulnerable children and families. 


To mark the International Day for Street Children in 2022, we organized a series of panel discussions in Geneva to put the issue of street children on the international agenda and to recall the urgency of taking action. 

More than 300 people took part in person and 500 online. After the event, the discussions were viewed more than 1,500 times. 


“Most children who live or work on the street face a daily struggle against abuse, hunger and exclusion as the international community fails to uphold their rights. The staggering figure of
150 million leaves out many others who suffer in silence.”
Dr Najat Maalla M'jid

Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Violence against Children, 
during our event on 12 April

Our advocacy actions in 2022

  • Our partner Qosqo Maki made a statement before diplomats in Geneva during the pre-session of the Universal Periodic Review for Peru.
  • More than 200 children were consulted by REIPER, our partner in the Republic of the Congo, with a view to jointly drafting a report to be submitted to the Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva in 2023.
  • An exhibition entitled “Stories from the Street” based on children’s own accounts was created and distributed on the sidelines of the 12 April event

Discover the exhibition

Apprentice in service, Birdhouse, Geneva ©Birdhouse


The FAAI also runs projects in Switzerland, such as Birdhouse in Geneva. Birdhouse is a training restaurant for young people who have dropped out of school, where the apprentices work towards a diploma (AFP or CFC).

In numbers

  • 9 professional trainers oversee the apprentices
  • 1 integration coach provides personalized socio-educational support 
  • 15 young people training in service or cooking in 2021–2022
  • 90% of the apprentices have  passed their diploma since the start of the project