What we do

Our four programmes

Child protection

Support children in street situations to promote their rights and reintegrate them sustainably into society.

Integration and entrepreneurship

Provide young people with vocational training and socio-educational support to enable them to build a better future.

Family and parenting support

Support parents in their educational role and empower them as key actors in child protection.


Support our partners in their advocacy activities with national and international decision-makers to ensure respect for children’s rights.
Cooking at the House of families, Women's Resource Center, Cambodia ©Aforativemedia2022

Partnership with local organizations

The FAAI works exclusively in partnership with local organizations to develop support systems tailored to the context and needs. Our activities also aim to strengthen the capacities of our partners and support them in their work with young people and families.

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Young boy in a classroom, OSEPER, Democratic Republic of the Congo ©Apprentis d'Auteuil

Innovation to enhance practices 

We work collectively within the framework of “Communities of Practice and Knowledge”. These take the form of workshops bringing together all our partners to discuss issues, particularly in relation to children in street situations, to learn from each other and to reflect on how we can better support them. From these deliberations, new ideas and solutions emerge.

Together, we have developed a training programme for social workers to make up for the lack of existing training tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of children in street situations.  

This online training programme was launched in 2020. 

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We support our partners in seeking tailor-made solutions through expert missions and the sharing of practices. In addition, we represent our partners within international networks (Consortium for Street Children, Child Rights Connect ) to strengthen our impact and visibility with decision-makers.

Our relationship is based on transparency, trust and a mutual understanding of what each of us does. We jointly establish the areas to focus on, and everyone finds their place in them.
Qosqo Maki

Our partner in Peru


Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a global call to action to transform our world and address the challenges that impact the world in which the children we support will grow up. Through our projects, we are helping to achieve nine of these goals. Partnership is a founding principle of our international activities to ensure they are coherent and sustainable.