Family and parenting support

Weakened by social isolation and lack of information on the services available, vulnerable families often find themselves without any support in escaping the poverty trap.

Our approach is prevention rather than cure since helping vulnerable children to (re)integrate sustainably is inseparable from supporting their families.

Based on our successful experience with the Houses of families in France, we and our partners have adapted the model in a number of countries: Burkina Faso, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Philippines.




  • Recreate a social circle to break isolation
  • Repair the child-parent bond when it is dysfunctional
  • Empower parents and enhance their educational practices so that they may fully assume their parental responsibilities

Houses of families aim to promote the family as the primary caregiver responsible for their children’s development and protection and help them acquire the tools to fulfil this role.

Cooking activities, Women’s Resource Center, Cambodia © Aforativemedia2022

Working with and for families 

The House of families is a welcoming, listening and learning space where everyone can share their experiences, learn from those of others, find support and escape isolation.

The daily activities, the moments for discussion and the people involved in the House of families respond to each person's needs. All the activities on offer are therefore designed and created with the families. 

I come to the House of families because it offers a warm welcome and a friendly environment. It allows me to express my thoughts and concerns and share my knowledge, which benefits other families.
Mother attending a House of families


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