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Help us develop our international training and education programme, to enhance the practical skills of our partners, improve the quality of care for young people in difficulty and drive advocacy work to better protect children's rights.

We work solely with local partners with the goal of empowering them in their work and increasing their impact.

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Bank details

Donations in CHF : CH13 0078 8000 0505 9773 0

Donations in EUR : CH27 0078 8000 0505 9776 9

Foundations, philanthropic partners and advisors

If you are a private, corporate or family foundation interested in development projects supporting children and young people in difficulty, we can guide you through the pillars of our international programme and the geographical focus of our projects in education, vocational training and family-support projects to help you find the right match.

If you are an advisor to your philanthropic clients interested in education , we can provide you with some ideas on possible projects which may resonate with them.

Towns and communes

The FAAI has a number of public partners including the Ville de Genève and a number of communes. 


If you are thinking about your will or are helping a client with their inheritance planning, learn more about the FAAI and our education projects. Your legacy gift will go to support young people and their families, and enhance their long term socio economic prospects and give them a chance of a better future.


For more information, please contact Sabrina Bordji Michel, Head of Partnerships and Philanthropy,

Our priority projects

ADAC : Regional programme for children in street situations in Central Africa

Republic of the Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Family Houses in Asia


Our supporters

Foundations and philanthropy

  • Fagus Lucida Stiftung 
  • Fameux Fonds Guichard, FFG 
  • Fondation Albatros 
  • Fondation André et Cyprien 
  • Ceres Foundation 
  • Fondation Denibam 
  • Fondation Dora 
  • Fondation Paul Dubrule 
  • Fondation Pierre-Henri Ducret 
  • Fondation Elaine du Pasquier 
  • Ernst Göhner Stiftung 
  • Fondation Gandur pour la Jeunesse 
  • Fondation Gertrude Hirzel 
  • Fondation Johann et Luzia Grässli 
  • Fondation Inspir’
  • Leopold Bachmann Stiftung 
  • Fondation Madeleine 
  • Fondation Philanthropique Famille Sandoz 
  • Fondation Sauvain-Petitpierre 
  • Fondation VRM 

Towns and Communes

  • Ville de Genève 
  • Ville de Vernier 
  • Ville de Versoix 
  • Commune de Plan-les-Ouates

Private sector

  • Geogas Trading SA 
  • Goldman Sachs International 
  • Losinger Marazzi SA