Private donors

Apprentis d’Auteuil works to support street children, to promote their rights and provide support to both their social and professional integration. Our work also includes entrepreneurship for young people around the world.

Our international programme is delivered in partnership with local likeminded local partners.

Examples include social economic integration for street children and their families in Democratic Republic of Congo and in Cameroon, support and professional training for single mothers in Mali or supporting street children in Peru.

In Geneva, our project offers educational support and activities for children and their families

We would be delighted to prepare a proposal for you in line with your priorities.

View our current projects here.

For more information please contact Claire Blenkinsop,  Head of Foundation and Corporate Partnerships : claire.blenkinsop@apprentis-auteuil.org


Whether you are seeking projects which contribute to your sustainable development objectives, or community engagement as part of your social responsibility, La Fondation Apprentis D’Auteuil International offers a series of partnership opportunities such as contributing to enhance the life of street children or offering training to unemployed young people lacking any formal qualification.

We would be pleased to discuss your community engagement objectives and propose a bespoke proposal in line with your strategy.

View our current projects here.

For more information please contact Claire Blenkinsop,  Head of Foundation and Corporate Partnerships : claire.blenkinsop@apprentis-auteuil.org


Our partners and donors


  • Ville de Genève
  • Avec le soutien de la Ville de Vernier 
  • Ville de Versoix
  • Commune Plan-les-Ouates


  • Fagus Lucida Stiftüng
  • Fameux Fonds Guichard, FFG
  • Fondation Albatros
  • Fondation André et Cyprien
  • Ceres Foundation
  • Fondation Denibam
  • Fondation Dora
  • Fondation Paul Dubrule
  • Fondation Pierre-Henri Ducret
  • Fondation Elaine du Pasquier
  • Ernst Göhner Stiftung
  • Fondation Gertrude Hirzel
  • Fondation Johann et Luzia Grässli
  • Fondation Inspir'
  • Leopold Bachmann Stiftüng
  • Fondation Madeleine
  • Fondation Philanthropique Famille Sandoz
  • Fondation Sauvain-Petitpierre
  • Sunsmile Foundation
  • Fondation VRM



  • Geogas Trading SA
  • Goldman Sachs International
  • Losinger Marazzi SA




Fondation Famille Guichard
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