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International day for street children 2024

Every year, we come together for the International Day for Street Children (12 april). This year, our campaign focuses on access to education.



Children in street situations are victims of discrimination and violence, simply because they are on the streets. Yet, like all other children, they have rights.

Dedho, who has been on the streets, shares his story and conveys his messages to authorities, young people and society.


International Day for Street Children 2022

To mark the 2022, we organized a series of panel discussions in Geneva to bring the issue of children in street situations to the attention of the international community.

International Day for Street Children 

Celebrated every year on 12 April, the International Day for Street Children aims to give voice to the millions of children in street situations and to recall the importance of recognizing their rights. 

In my experience, young people in street situations are considered undesirable, evil, without a future and responsible for everything. Everyone has a role to play but what should give the impetus at the grassroots is the situation of kids who are struggling plus the role of the state and that should make solutions. Help them to be able to build that world of tomorrow!

Dedho, formerly in a street situation.


Why do we need an international day?

Almost all States* have ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) and are under an obligation to work towards ensuring that all children can enjoy these rights. However, numerous national policies still do not cover children in street situations.

To guide States in developing specific protection policies for these children, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child adopted  General Comment No. 21 on children in street situations in 2017.  The document recognizes for the first time that governments must pay special attention to these children and ensure their rights are respected. 


* Currently, only the United States has not ratified the Convention.

We recommend that States:

  • Adopt a global strategy to prevent the occurrence of street situations and to protect and integrate these young people.

  • Respect and protect them!

  • Listen to them, ensure their access to rights. 

  • Support families and civil society.