Children in street situations live all over the world. They are more or less visible in different countries. These children are above all victims of discrimination and violence because they are on the street. Like all other children, they have rights.

Today, we are mobilising for States to actively fight against discrimination and violence!

Why do we need an international day ?

Dedho speaks up

Our messages

  • Children in street situations are discriminated against and ignored on a daily basis by States and society because they do not have their identity papers, because of their appearance... simply because they depend on the street for their survival!


  • The majority of young people living on the streets are denied access to their basic rights, including housing, adequate food, free access to health and education.


  • Children in street situations are subjected to daily violence by adults, including law enforcement, government officials, or other young people. Girls in street situations are particularly vulnerable to sexual violence and exploitation.

  • They are victims of the legal systems that are supposed to protect them: being homeless, adopting survival behaviours such as begging or vagrancy are grounds for punishment in many countries.


  • Very few States have developed a policy for the protection of children in street situations, although it is a global issue. 


  • The reality and the rights of children in street situations are too little known. This lack results in multiple rights violations. Like all other children, they have rights!