Digital Notebooks for Social Work


There are an estimated 120–150 million children in street situations worldwide. These children have varied profiles and experiences and suffer trauma due to street violence, exclusion and separation from their families, among other things. To care for these children, social workers and their trainers need specific theoretical, practical and relational skills. These skills can be acquired through initial and continuing training and field experience. However, in most developing countries, few training courses exist for social workers caring for children in street situations.


The overall goal of the project is to enable social workers to acquire the necessary skills and enhance the value of their profession, improve the care provided by child-protection organizations and thus contribute to the social reintegration of vulnerable young people. Specifically:

  • Contribute to better care for children in street situations by child-protection organizations
  • Improve the practices of social workers caring for children in street situations
  • Foster the sharing of practices and boost the skills of our local partners on new topics
Filming the Digital Notebooks, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo © Apprentis d’Auteuil


The Digital Notebooks project was devised in response to the need for holistic training for front-line personnel working with children in street situations. It aims to develop learning modules and an online community for social workers in several countries. The modules are built around important themes concerning the care of children in street situations. These include how to manage the first encounter, how to gain their trust and how to guide them on the path back to school and/or their families.

An online community (Agora) has been created to provide a collaborative space where international trainers and social workers/users can chat and share practices while staying informed of the latest modules as they are released online. 

The first module on support to children in street situations is available here: 

Digital Notebooks for Social Work

It will be complemented by four other modules by 2024, covering: support from the street to the reception facility; daily life; finding a place in society; and principles of action for social workers.

Local partners

  • Centre NRJ
  • Graine de Bitume
  • Hardi
  • ONG Manda
  • Œuvre de Reclassement et de Protection des Enfants de la Rue (ORPER)



  • Foyer de l’Espérance
  • Chaîne des Foyers Saint-Nicodème
  • Heure Joyeuse
  • Al Karam
  • AET Ségou 

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