PK24 : Reintegration of vulnerable children in conflict with the law or estranged from their families



There are more than 4,000 children in street situations in Douala. These children are especially at risk of abuse from adults or older adolescents. Marginalized and deprived of their basic right to education, they lack a secure and emotionally supportive environment in which to grow and thrive. Their chances of becoming well-adjusted adults are thus reduced.

Local partner

  • Chaîne des Foyers Saint-Nicodème (CFSN) 


PK24 farm, Cameroon ©CFSN


Established in 1996, the Chaîne des Foyers Saint-Nicodème (CFSN) is a recognized facility caring for children in street situations in Douala. A team of social workers goes out to meet the children and young people in the street, while its four centres provide accommodation, training and help with social and economic reintegration.

The PK24 agricultural centre facilitates the family, social and professional reintegration of young people and promotes their rights. Through a personalized educational approach tailored to the different profiles of the children in its charge, it offers a path to integration via its observation and stabilization farm. The project aims to stabilize and resocialize the child so that they can enrol in school or vocational training and integrate into Cameroonian society.

At the centre, the young people can engage in various agropastoral activities, such as fish, pig or poultry farming, market gardening, and banana or palm growing. These activities are major educational levers. Following their stay, the young people are directed to another facility specializing in socio-professional integration.

Linked programmes

Child protection

Support children in street situations to promote their rights and reintegrate them sustainably into society.

Integration and entrepreneurship

Provide young people with vocational training and socio-educational support to enable them to build a better future.