Vocational training restaurant in Geneva

Switzerland, Vernier (Geneva)

It is estimated that every year in Geneva, 1200 young people ages 16-25 drop out of school or their professional training. These underqualified young people are in a precarious situation and their risk of being unemployed is multiplied by 4. The Birdhouse, a based in Vernier, is an innovative project focused on helping young people who have dropped out of school to take control of their lives and receive training in the food industry (in service or in the kitchen) in order to obtain a certified diploma (“Attestation Fédérale de Formation Professionnelle”, over 2 years, or “Certificat Fédéral de Capacité”, over 3 years). Over the course of 5 years, 70 young people will be trained at the restaurant. The project offers a tailor-made approach in terms of follow-up and personalised support, while preserving the objectives of a successful training and a sustainable reintegration. A socio-educational framework is implemented thanks to a collaborator with a social vocation who takes charge of the follow-up of the trainees in their entirety.The restaurant offers locally sourced, seasonal food to reflect the importance of sustainability in this project.

The projet is held in partnership with FAAI, Ecole Hôtelière de Genève and Gourmet Brothers

With the support of the Office pour l’Orientation, la Formation Professionnelle et Continue (OFPC) and the Hospice Général


Website: www.faai-restauration.ch 

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