Promoting, respecting and protecting children’s rights in Ségou

Mali, Ségou

Mali, one of the poorest countries in the world, is a country in crisis and at war. This has exacerbated the number of people migrating towards the south of the country including children seeking safety and work in Segou.

The project involves patrolling the streets of Segou seeking children on the streets (age 8 –17) and encouraging them to come to the day centres for assistance and take advantage of the programmes offered by our local partner. The services include providing information, literacy, education and vocational training depending on the young person’s needs and situation.

The project also includes awareness building and advocacy about protecting street children targeting local authorities.

 Project objectives:

  • Long-term return to family and or professional integration of young people
  • Effective advocacy and awareness building to prevent children on the streets
  • Strengthen and develop skills of local partners.


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