Professionalizing vocational training and integration through social entrepreneurship in South East Asia

Cambodge, Myanmar, République Démocratique Populaire Lao, Ho Chi Minh Ville, Hanoi, Hué, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Vientiane, Yangon, Inle, Mae Sot

Economic growth in South East Asia has been strong for the last few years. Some sectors are developing rapidly, such as tourism, creating well-paid jobs but the industry struggles to find  a properly trained workforce. To fill this need, this project seeks to develop social entrepreneurship and improve vocational training in South East Asia over the longer term through:

  • Setting up two 18-month certified training courses in Vietnam and Myanmar, and creating a government-approved certification at the national level
  • Collaborating with 16 social businesses focused on training and professional integration to improve the content of their courses and promote entrepreneurship.
  • Improving the business model of social businesses that train and integrate professionally youth in difficulty,
  • Providing support for business-creation

Project objectives:

  • Develop business models in social entrepreneurship ready for their future roll out
  • Offer quality training in the hotel business and tourism for vulnerable young people in South East Asia
  • Develop entrepreneurship programme to support young people in setting up their business or finding work after training

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