The project Enfants du Parc is developping

Thursday 04 November 2021

« Play, discover, grow » is the motto of the project Enfants du Parc in Geneva.

For 7 years, we have been working closely with vulnerable families in Geneva. We support families in the education and social integration of their children. Our sphere of activity covers three levels: the family, school and the community (neighbourhood) and aims at a holistic integration of the children in their immediate environment.

To fulfil our objectives, a plethora of activities suitable for children are held on a regular basis. Our educational support is built on an individualised monitoring of every child. It takes place twice a week in the district of Plainpalais and once a week in Jonction. It is animated by competent volunteers and is addressed to motivated children.

I am always amazed to see how motivated the children are to do their homework!” says an educator.

The project also provides recreational, sports activities along with intergenerational activities to which parents can participate in. This concept facilitates social mix. Our mission is to prevent school drop-out, bullying, but also to give more confidence to the children and guide the parents.

Our impact

These children’s families often find themselves isolated due to language barrier. Parents’ weak integration often also means a feeling of isolation for the children and difficulties to open themselves to their environment. Therefore, the project aims at breaking the isolation of the parents while facilitating the connection between the families and the neighbourhood’ social and educational structures.

“Children have a very positive attitude when coming back from Enfants du Parc, the relationships are pacified”, tells a parent.

Each month, an exploration activity in the city or in the outdoors is offered to the children. They explore their neighbourhood and Geneva for a day. The objective is to provide a better understanding and knowledge of the diversity of their immediate environment. This kind of activities attracts the curiosity of many and are in great demand.

“For us parents, it is a support that redounds on every aspect of our daily life at home.”

Thereby, our activities not only do prevent school dropout and decrease of motivation, but they also allow children to socialise with educators and other young people of their neighbourhood. These connections help them to gain self-esteem and, therefore, to integrate themselves in their community.

We take actions along with schools in Plainpalais, the families and the children. In order to provide a stronger support, we work in a network so that schools, parents and extracurricular activities cross their glance on the child.

We strengthen our support to families in the education of their children during conferences dedicated to them. The first conference, which topic is the management of emotions and prevention of conflicts in a family framework, will take place in the end of November.

Future perspectives  

Today, the project Enfants du Parc is growing. Our new activity called ABC Reading/Writing has been launched at the end of the holidays in November. It will allow the youngest children to be accompanied in learning to read and write but also to discover the joy of reading and enrich their vocabulary.

Our new centre has opened its doors in Jonction in September 2021. We wish to develop our action and take as our goal to support 100 children each week between 2021 and 2024, which represents 15% of all pupils in Plainpalais. Our new activity ABC Reading/Writing will be held in Jonction as well as sports activities every Wednesday. Up to now, 12 children have already registered in Jonction. Our objective is to follow 25 children in this centre between now and the start of 2022.

Moreover, some 17 volunteers are involved in different activities of this project. Thank to a training program, they can beneficiate from an optimal support throughout the elaboration of their mission.

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