Dr Nicolas Liengme

Dr Nicolas Liengme

Child psychiatrist and co-founder of Païdos

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva, Nicolas Liengme is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist specializing in children and adolescents. He has his own practice in Geneva. He is the co-founder of Païdos, an association that helps children, adolescents and families in difficulty in Geneva. Dr Liengme and his team are developing a recognized tool, “Self-portrait with psycho-pedagogical support”, for which it received an award from the global network Ashoka.

Païdos, Geneva, Switzerland

Païdos was founded in 1996 by Dr Nicolas Liengme, a child psychiatrist, and François Guisan, an environmentalist. Following two years of voluntary activities as part of the Swiss-Brazilian exchange (Geneva children/street children), the association began strengthening its work for children and adolescents in vulnerable situations in Geneva.

Through its various programmes, Païdos works to prevent the exclusion of children and adolescents in difficulty in Geneva and provides spaces for their inclusion and reintegration. Since 2019, Païdos has also provided emergency accommodation and individualized support for minors and their homeless parents.