Bamako, young girls training in sewing or kitchen services

Friday 26 October 2018

In Mali, in partnership with the Association Jeunesse et Développement du Mali (AJDM), the project to improve the employability and empowerment of vulnerable young mothers in Bamako continues to develop. On October 5th, the girls finished their training in sewing or kitchen services, started in January. The training also includes a literacy class, allowing young girls to acquire the language bases necessary for their socio-professional integration.

This marks an important step for the girls since they will go home to their family, for those whose family’s mediation has worked. For the others, they will be able to remain in the center with their baby during an extended mediation until the end of November.

29 girls were enroled in this training session and have passed, 21 in sewing and 8 in kitchen services.

At the end of their training, girls receive a kit to start their own business and also get ready to begin their internship to put into practice the knowledge acquired during these 9 months. These advanced internship last three months and generally take place with local craftsmen or restaurants and canteens partners of the association.

In order to constantly improve the quality of the project and the training of the girls, the selection of the 30 girls for the 2019 promotion will begin in November so that they can already start in December. In fact, social workers have noticed large difficulties in reading and writing for young girls starting their training. It is therefore planned to add one month of intensive literacy class to the training. They will then begin their professional training in January while continuing the literacy classes, and educational talks until the end of September (support for parenthood, child protection).

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