Fondation Apprentis d'Auteuil International


These four action words summarize the line of action Apprentis d’Auteuil has developed over 150 years to pursue, with our local partners in around thirty countries, our mission to help young people who experience social, academic and/or family related hardships.


  • Trust can save the future! In order for young people to take their place in society and be successful in life, we must place our trust in them.
  • Never give up! Every single young person has potential and talent, no matter their past nor the difficulties they face. Our ambition is to give them every chance and empower them to succeed in life.
  • Each young person deserves a global and personalized development programme; we see each one of them as a unique personality with their own individual story. We care for them independently of their past and regardless of the difficulties they face.
  • Parents are the primary caregivers for their children; the family unit is the nest where a child grows up emotionally and socially. A child needs to develop close links with his/her family rather than grow up in opposition to them. When an individual family situation doesn’t allow reuniting its members, the tie must be maintained and nurtured as much as possible.
  • Taking action at an early stage prevents difficulties from developing; we are fully committed to prevention.


Jean-Paul Redouin


Jean-Paul Redouin is honorary Deputy-Governor of the Bank of France, chair of the European Central Bank’s Administrative Board of Review, and Vice-Chair of the Fondation d’Auteuil since 2008.

Bernard Firmenich


Bernard Firmenich holds a Master in organic chemistry from the University of Geneva and has held executive positions at Firmenich, in Switzerland and abroad, where he initiated and led the e-Business team.

Patrick Besse


Patrick Besse spent most of his career with the Agence Française de Développement working in Africa, the French Overseas Departments and Territories and also at its Head office. He finished his career as Director of the Institut d’Emission d’Outre-mer in 2013.

André Altmeyer

Member of the Board

André Altmeyer started at Fondation Apprentis d’Auteuil in 1998, after a career in secondary and higher education and in communication. He started at Fondation Apprentis d’Auteuil in overseas operational missions. He then became director of development and member of the executive committee in 2004. He has been deputy General Director since 2012, responsible for the foundation’s strategy and in charge of the international, fundraising and communications departments.


Henri Danguy des Deserts

Member of the Board

Henri Danguy des Deserts has held various positions as Director of Banks and Foundations; he was also Deputy Director General of Credit Commercial de France, now HSBC France, and the head of an important Family office in Geneva.

Louis Fauchier-Magnan

Member of the Board

Louis Fauchier-Magnan holds a diploma in Mathematics from EPFL and has worked at Bank Mirabaud & Cie in Geneva since 2009. He previously worked at KPMG in Zurich as Auditor.

Jean-Pierre Guichard

Member of the Board

Jean-Pierre Guichard established Manutan in 1966, in close collaboration with his father. The mail order concept for handling equipment is among the world leaders in its sector. He is still the President of Manutan International.

Michaela Huntziger Chupin

Member of the Board

Michaela Huntziger Chupin is a Marketing Executive with expertise in the consumer goods and pharmaceutical industries. She holds diplomas from the Paris Institut d’Etudes Politiques and from ESCP. She acquired broad international experience in particular in Great Britain, Austria and the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

Marc Mandosse

Member of the Board

After starting his career with Pictet Asset Management in London, and with HSBC Private Bank in Paris, Marc Mandosse joined UBS in 2007. He has twenty years of experience of European Corporate and Investment Banking acquired in London, Paris and Geneva.



As part of our international action, Apprentis d’Auteuil cares every year for:

  • 22'000 young people and families, and as many as 300'000 young people when taking into account our network of local partners,
  • In as many as 54 countries in Europe, West Africa, Central Africa, North Africa, Middle-East, Indian Ocean, South America and South-East Asia,
  • With 195 different partners, within a framework of international cooperation.

Each year, Apprentis d’Auteuil International is involved in approx. 20 international projects.

  • Our work focuses on 4 major areas:
    • Childhood protection
    • Inclusion and Entrepreneurship
    • Support to Families and Parenting
    • Multiculturalism

Partnerships are a key component to the delivery of all of this work.


Our Ambassador’s club gathers business leaders willing to support Apprentis d’Auteuil International through promoting our work within their own networks.


Pierre Vareille


Pierre Vareille is currently President of the board of the Bic Group and board member of various listed companies in Europe and the US. He also invests in various internet and high-tech companies.

Pierre Vareille spends an important part of his time as the co-director of the Vareille Foundation, together with his wife Hélène. The main objective of the Foundation is to develop the cognitive capacity of underpriviledged children through an intensive programme of violin tuition over a 4 year period. Over 1000 Swiss and French children aged 4 to 7 are already involved in this programme and the number continues to increase.

Pierre Vareille was until 2016 president of Constellium. The company was introduced on the NY stock exchange in 2013 as one of the highest valued European companies of the last few years and is now the world leader in innovative and high value-added aluminium products and solutions and generating almost USD 6 billion in 2016.

Edouard Bich


Edouard Bich is a general partner of MBD (Marcel Bich Descendants), and the permanent representative of the Board of Directors of BIC.

He is a member of the Executive Board for EMEA at Wharton School (USA).

He also invests in various internet start-ups.

Jacques Boudet


Jacques Boudet is currently President of Geogas. Geogas, created in Geneva in 1979, has rapidly become one of the leading independent LPG traders, operating approximately  5 million tonnes per year.

After obtaining his diploma from the Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC), Jacques Boudet worked in the Operations department of Gazocean, the family company created by his father. He was involved in the creation of Geogas as Director, and has been acting Chairman since 1986.

The Geogas group operates a fleet of about 45 ships, a dozen of which are fitted out by the group. It has a turnover of approximately USD 3 billion and controls total of assets valued at USD 400 million. The Geogas Group provides financial supports to a number of humanitarian projects in countries where it has operations, mainly in the field of education, social integration and health.


Alain Brunier


Alain Brunier is 59 years old and graduated from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne. He held different management positions in a number of hotels and including openings in Switzerland, France, Tunisia and Mauritius including two Leading Hotels of the World.

As a Chef, he obtained one Michelin star for the restaurant he was managing, La Terrasse du Grand Hôtel, Domaine de Divonne.

After setting up Les Fontaines for the Cap Gemini University in Gouvieux-Chantilly,in 2005, he became, CEO of the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève, owned by GastroSuisse, the Federation for hotels and catering in Switzerland. Under his leadership and with a business model that is close to the reality of the restaurant field and also includes an on- site training hotel, the EHG is now ranked  in the top ten of world catering schools.  He has subsequently opened schools in Casblanca, Grand Bassan and helped set up a bachelor’s degree in catering in Beyrouth with the Libano-Canadian University.

Since 2011, Alain Brunier chairs the Swiss Association of Catering Schools.

Grégoire Evéquoz


Grégoire Evéquoz was the Director of orientation and professional training for the region of Geneva for 15 years. During this period, he strengthened professional training and apprenticeship and placed particular emphasis on young people dropping out from school. He notably helped develop schemes to help young people return to their studies.

He is a trend specialist with regards to training programmes and jobs of the future, and is currently a consultant for international organisations, businesses and public entities.

Jérôme Félicité


Jérôme Félicité, graduated from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, is President and Director of Gerofinance-Dunand SA. He is also director of 47 other companies under Swiss law and has created some 30 start-ups since 2006, including Aznar Conseils and Assurances, Partner Real Estate-Frank Knight, Edifea and  Barnes.

He was president of the Foundation of the High School of Art and Design (A-Head), member of the APCG Committee (Association of Geneva Developers), Real Estate Council of the Armenian Foundation of Geneva and President of Lions Club Geneva in June 2012.

Laurent Fourier


Laurent Fourier has started his career within the Accor Group. He was nominated director for international development in 1992 for Accor Services and Eurest international and contributed to the launch of the branch in India, where he became director in 1995. From 1999 to 2004 he was director of Accor Services in the UK.

He then joined International SOS as the regional managing director for South Europe, North and West Africa. He was appointed regional managing director Europe in 2015 as well as group marketing director in 2016. He is director of International SOS Foundation since 2013.

Laurent Freixe


Laurent Freixe serves as Executive Vice President, Zone Director for Americas-United States of America, Canada, Latin America & Carribean and Member of Executive Board at Nestlé S.A.

He joined Nestlé France in the field of sales and marketing in 1986. He was appointed CEO of Nestlé Hungary in 2003 and then CEO of the Iberian region in 2007.

In 2008, Laurent Freixe joins the Executive Committee of Nestlé S.A. first as CEO of Zone Europe and in 2014 as CEO of Zones Americas - United States of America, Canada, Latin America & Caribbean, the biggest region for Nestlé, representing 45% of its turnover.

Laurent Freixe plays a key role for the promotion of young people employment within the company. He launched the Nestlé Needs YOUth initiative in 2013, within Nestlé Europe and then worldwide. The initiative aims at offering a wide panel of jobs opportunities for young people under the age of 30 and to strengthen their professional skills and employability.

On top of his current responsibilities, Laurent Freixe is a member of the Supervisory Board of Cereal Partners Worldwide as well as Consumer Goods Forum in Latin America.

Philippe Gudin


Philippe Gudin has devoted his entire career to education. As the Head of Rosey school, he developed the largest boarding school in Switzerland on a par with the excellence of some English and American boarding schools. He has offered innovative approached to international holistic education, bilingualism and the place of art and culture in education. He created vacation camps and "Classes Beyond the Walls", and has launched programmes for personal development and ecological, humanitarian and cultural discoveries.

As promoter of various charity projects, he opened a school in Bamako with 1500 pupils. He has also helped schools which found themselves in difficulty to get back on track.

He is active in different foundations each of which have the goal of setting up projects which are both efficient and sustainable.

He is a consultant for various public and private actors in the field of education.

Benoîte Kneib


Benoîte Kneib graduated from the ESSEC (School of Economics and Business Studies) and pursued her career in both the private sector (EADS and Dexia in France, The Technology Broker in the UK, creation of "Pomme de Reinette" in the US) and the not-for-profit sector (micro-credit in Chile, palliative care in the US).

She then held various management positions over a twelve year period at the Apprentis d'Auteuil Foundation, setting up the international Foundation (FAAI) in Switzerland.

In 2017, she joined MouvemenT & Finance to develop and set up the investment and start-up support activities of the company.

She enjoys spending time in the mountains with her husband and their five children.

Alain Nicod


Alain Nicod is Managing Partner of VI Partners AG. He is mostly active in the information technology sector but also contributes through his entrepreneurial background to critical decisions within other portfolio companies.

As board member, he takes an acive part in the Verbier Festival and in Ashoka Foundation as the President of the Suisse Foundation.

He has earned a Business degree from HEC Lausanne and an M.B.A. from INSEAD, Fontainebleau.

He started his career at Arthur Andersen and McKinsey. Alain Nicod then hold director and co-founder positions in various companise such as Le Shop.ch, www.sourcingparts.com, www.compex.ch, www.vtx-telecom.ch,...


Apprentis d’Auteuil is involved in work programmes abroad in partnership with 195 local organisations. We share with our local partners the experience and expertise in education and pedagogy we have gained over the years, observing the four following principles:

  • Subsidiarity: we work with, and not instead of, local actors and we share with them the initiative and responsibility.
  • Reciprocity: we consider the local associations as full partners and we establish with them a balanced and mutually enriching relationship.
  • Long-term commitment: we commit to a long-term working relationship with our partners.
  • Full respect for the young people and families we support: respect for their cultural environment, the language they speak, their customs, and traditions…



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  • Lycée
  • Lycée Magyar Gyula Kerteszeti
  • Magyar Gyula Kerteszeti Szakkepzo Isk.


  • IZI Limited (trading as Easy Job Bridge)


  • CJD
  • JobAct


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  • KDG (Karel de Grote Hogeschool)
  • YouthStart


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  • Destination Pologne
  • UKW (Kazimierz Wielki University)

United Kingdom:

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  • Foyer de l'Espérance



The Democratic Republic of the Congo:



Central African Republic:





  • ASEF

  • Caritas Mali



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